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Khylos Kawakawa Boutique

New Zealand made kawakawa body scrubs.

New Zealand made kawakawa body scrubs.

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Introducing our invigorating Body Scrub Range, designed to revitalize and refresh your skin. Experience the transformative power of our Kawakawa Balm Coconut Sugar Scrub, which provides a deep cleanse for your face, leaving you feeling rejuvenated.

Discover the magic of our Raw Sugar Body Scrub, perfect for removing dead skin cells and unveiling a radiant afterglow for both your face and body. This versatile scrub offers gentle exfoliation, promoting smoother and more radiant skin from head to toe.

As with all our products, we take pride in using locally sourced organic ingredients, ensuring the highest quality and effectiveness. Our body scrub combines the nourishing benefits of kawakawa oil, arnica oil, and tea tree oil, renowned for their skin-loving properties.

The coconut sugar and raw sugar in our scrub act as natural exfoliants, gently buffing away dull, dry skin, and revealing a refreshed and glowing complexion. Say goodbye to rough patches and hello to silky-smooth skin that radiates with vitality.

Embrace the holistic approach to skincare with our Body Scrub Range. Indulge in the beauty of our locally sourced organic ingredients and experience the transformative benefits they offer. Elevate your self-care routine and immerse yourself in the luxurious sensation of our body scrubs.

Unveil your skin's natural radiance and embrace a refreshed, revitalized you. Try our Body Scrub Range today and step into a world of sublime rejuvenation. 


Please be advised: Due to price increases, we have changed the ingredient in our products. Our kawakawa oil now contains almond oil instead of olive oil.

Caution: Some of our products now contain nuts due to the presence of almond oil. If you have any allergies related to nuts, please exercise caution and avoid using these products.



Shea butter, coconut oil, nz beeswax, kawakawa oil, calendula oil, manuka oil. fragrance oil

Care Instructions

Not to be consumed.

Keep out of direct sunlight!

If your skin gets irritated, wash off immediately.

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